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I want define a symbolic function


but I get the follow error

TypeError: unable to convert x (=x) to an integer

How I will be able to fix this?

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We don't have symbolic modulo in that sense. Indeed,

sage: x%2
TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
TypeError: unable to convert x (=x) to an integer

sage: mod(x+1,8) gives a similar error, for similar reasons.

You can make a Python function, of course.

sage: def f(x):
....:     return (x+1)%8
sage: f(55)
sage: f(56)
sage: f(57)

If we knew what you wanted to do with your function, it might be possible to find a workaround. I'm assuming you don't want to take the derivative, and that you only want integer inputs, so it's not clear that a "symbolic" version would even be appropriate.

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