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I have a .on('click','td', function(){}) event. I turn it .off('click','td'). I now would like to .on() the same event again. I tried some combinations of .on() and it did not work. Could be done by assigning it to a variable, not sure how to do that though.

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I can't replicate this issue – Ohgodwhy Jul 3 '13 at 0:54
Do I have to define the entire function again? I want to .on() an event that I have defined before. could be done by assigning it to a variable, not sure how to do that though. – change Jul 3 '13 at 1:26
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Put the event handler function in a variable, and use it like this:

var handler = function(e){
    //code here

$('#myselector').on('click', handler);

//Try this, this will only turn 'handler' off
$('#myselector').off('click', handler);

//If the above doesn't work, then try this
//This will turn off all your other click handlers for the same element,
//if for some reason turning off a particular handler doesn't work!

//on again
$('#myselector').on('click', handler);
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I am assuming that clicking the TD try this: first having your td a class to tell if it is on or off. By default TD will have td-off class, like this

<td class="td-off">

then set your an event changing the class.




then finally set the event of your on or off

    //Your event on

   //Your event off

It may not be the best answer but I hope you get the idea

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dont know why i didnot think about it. Let me give it a try, should work. – change Jul 3 '13 at 1:53

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