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This is what I see when i log in to AMember after attempting to integrate the two.

Vbulletin3 plugin error: DB - [] - incorrect value. Error: Table 'my_db.user' doesn't exist

I don't understand how to fix this error. I know how to get to phpMyAdmin, but then I don't what to do from there. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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It sounds like you should be rereading online setup steps for vbulletin. This really doesn't sound like a programming question - if you're not familiar with phpMyAdmin or databases in general, we're not going to be able to provide you a tutorial. –  Beep beep Nov 16 '09 at 18:06

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Have not used vbulletin before but looks like the table my_db.user is mising. Is this table is created by vbulletin then try running the setup again. If it is a custom table then make sure your connection string are correct and the table exists.

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Check the Setup of Vbulletin3 again! It seems that you didn't installed the tables of Vbulletin3.

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