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I have a content inside IFRAME, i need to find top and left co-ordinates when mouse click.

i am using the following code to find the top and left co-ordinates, but the top (e.pageY) coordinate giving the wrong position while IFRAME scroll.

var iframeDoc = $('#bookcontentHeight').contents().get(0);
// Bind event to iframe document
$(iframeDoc).bind('mouseup', function(e) {                       
        top: e.pageY + "px", left: e.pageX + "px" 
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<script language="JavaScript">
function point_it(event){
    pos_x = event.offsetX?(event.offsetX):event.pageX-document.getElementById("pointer_div").offsetLeft;
    pos_y = event.offsetY?(event.offsetY):event.pageY-document.getElementById("pointer_div").offsetTop;
    document.getElementById("cross").style.left = (pos_x-1) ;
    document.getElementById("cross") = (pos_y-15) ;
    document.getElementById("cross").style.visibility = "visible" ;
    document.pointform.form_x.value = pos_x;
    document.pointform.form_y.value = pos_y;
<form name="pointform" method="post">
<div id="pointer_div" onclick="point_it(event)" style = "background-image:url('sun.jpg');width:500px;height:333px;">
<img src="point.gif" id="cross" style="position:relative;visibility:hidden;z-index:2;"></div>
You pointed on x = <input type="text" name="form_x" size="4" /> - y = <input type="text" name="form_y" size="4" />

This is working get its equivalent in the jquery.

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