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I'm getting ExceptionInInitializerError, and then NoClassDefFoundError, from an android networking library.


That's the file that is causing the exceptions to be thrown, but as you can see the class it can't find, com/bclymer/rest/BcRestClient$DownloadWebSourceTask, is right below the method performRequest. From what I read ExceptionInInitializerError will cause NoClassDefFoundError to be thrown, but I can't find any reason that the class couldn't initialize correctly.

This exception is thrown rarely also, it's happened 21 times to 7 users, out of ~10,000 uses of this same networking library, and ~4,000 from the same method in MusicService.

Fatal Exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

BcRestClient.java line 140
BcRestClient.java line 139
BcRestClient.java line 415
MusicService.java line 436
ThreadPoolExecutor.java line 1076
Thread.java line 856

I'm making the request to the library with this:

new BcRestClient.Builder("http://www.validurl.com", RequestType.GET)
            .setRestClientCallback(new BcRestClientCallback<SetResponse>() {
                public void onPreExecute() {

                public void onPostExecute() {

                public void onSuccess(BcRestClientResponse<SetResponse> response) {

                public void onFailure(BcRestClientResponse<SetResponse> response) {


If you need any more code let me know.

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I think I found my answer, I was also getting a RuntimeException with the message

Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()

The library is creating an AsyncTask, which needs to be created on the UI thread.

100% of these crashes (70 so far) happened pre-jellybean, which as AsyncTask.java says

The AsyncTask class must be loaded on the UI thread. This is done automatically as of Build.VERSION_CODES.JELLY_BEAN.

Hopefully this will help somebody else!

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