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I try to fetch date from server

date('l, F j, Y  g:i A',strtotime($data_event->start_date));

It shows time zone EDT, how do i change it into Makkah Time zone. Please anyone out there for any suggestions.

Note: I prefer PHP language.


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You can use


That should do it for all your PHP code.

If you are using a database, the timezone for the database will probably be different as well. If you are using MySQL, you have to SET time_zone = "+3:00" query as soon as you open a database connection.

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Use date_default_timezone_set() for this

Also you can use Class datetimezone

List of timezones http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

I think the Asia/Riyadh will apply for Makkah Try this one,

   date('l, F j, Y  g:i A',strtotime($data_event->start_date));
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I added date_default_timezone_set('Asia/Riyadh'), but it shows up AST instead makkah. –  user2542207 Jul 3 '13 at 5:19

You may try this one

SET time_zone = "+3:00"

in your index.php file. You don't need to have access to your php.ini file.

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what? where did you get this syntax? –  DevZer0 Jul 3 '13 at 5:03
@DevZer0: in mysql ) –  zerkms Jul 3 '13 at 5:18
@DevZer0: after (mysql) database connection –  ays Jul 3 '13 at 5:23
@DevZer0: it is a php code not mysql –  ays Jul 3 '13 at 5:37

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