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procedure TMyForm.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  Group: TListGroup;
  Item: TListItem;
  s1, s2: string;
  ListView1.ViewStyle := vsReport;
  ListView1.GroupView := True;
  ListView1.Columns.Add.Caption := 'My column';
  Group := ListView1.Groups.Add;
  Group.Header := 'My header';
  Group.GroupID := 0;
  Item := ListView1.Items.Add;
  Item.GroupID := 0;
  Item.Caption := 'My item';


I copy pasted above code on my RAD Embarcadeo delphi form code. But why I am not getting components automatically on the form after pasting above code at suitable place on CODE tab... Instead it is giving many errors like

Undeclared identifier TListGroup at line 27 
Undeclared identifier TListItem at line 28
Undeclared identifier ListView1 at line 31
Undeclared identifier ViewStyle at line 31
Undeclared identifier vsReport at line 31
Undeclared identifier GroupView at line 32
Undeclared identifier TListGroup at line 27
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What did you expect that code to do? I think you lack an understanding of what that code means, which of course raises the question of why you copied it in the first place. – Rob Kennedy Jul 26 '13 at 19:02

There is a ListView1 component on your source form that you should also copy to your new form. When viewing the code from the old form, press F12 to toggle into form view. Find and select the ListView1 component, and copy it. Paste it into the form view of your new form. When you do that and save your new form/code, it will add the needed unit(s) to the uses clause of your new code. That will fix your errors.

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