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I am trying to send notification to user's friend using js sdk on facebook canvas app but I get this in console

POST 400 (OK) jquery.min.js:140
c.extend.ajax jquery.min.js:140 jquery.min.js:133

I am calling makePost function passing it the friend's profile Id as the argument, this is what I am trying

function makePost(personid){
  var accesstoken =   FB.getAuthResponse()['accessToken'];
  var address = "" + personid + "/notifications?";
  var tempdata = {};
  tempdata['access_token'] = accesstoken;
  tempdata['href'] = "";
  tempdata['template'] = "You have earned 5 credits, Click here to redeem";, {json: JSON.stringify(tempdata)}, function(data){

the person is not receiving the notification.

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the problem was that its not the normal access token, here the access token will be a combination of your app id and app secret separated by "|" symbol. also you need to send the data as an array and not as a json object.

So here is what the working code looks like.

function makePost(personid){
  var address = "" + personid + "/notifications";
  var tempdata = {};
  tempdata['access_token'] = appId + "|" + appSecret;
  tempdata['href'] = "";
  tempdata['template'] = "You have earned 5 credits, Click here to redeem";, tempdata , function(data){

PS: I am using Jquery Library to make the post request, So dont forget to include jquery.

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I am getting this error : can anyone help plz :POST 403 (OK) jquery-1.10.1.js:8724 send jquery-1.10.1.js:8724 x.extend.ajax jquery-1.10.1.js:8154 x.(anonymous function) jquery-1.10.1.js:8300 makePost my_network.html?n=fb:689 onclick – Sthita Oct 7 '13 at 11:00
His code is correct, You have to click to run it, because that api needs mouse event, you cannot run it automatically – Vika Wong Jan 19 at 9:12

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