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I am very new to dev express .

<dx:ASPxGridView ID="aspxgvOMContracts" runat="server" KeyFieldName="OMContractId" Settings-UseFixedTableLayout="true"
                                AutoGenerateColumns="False" Settings-HorizontalScrollBarMode="Auto" Width="477px" Theme="PlasticBlue" 
                                OnRowUpdating="aspxgvOMContracts_OnRowUpdating" OnRowUpdated="aspxgvOMContracts_OnRowUpdated">
                                <SettingsPager PageSize="5" />
                                <SettingsBehavior AllowFocusedRow="true" />
                                <SettingsEditing Mode="Inline" />
                          <%--      <Styles>
                                    <CommandColumnItem Spacing="">
                                        <Paddings PaddingLeft="7" PaddingRight="7" />
                                    <dx:GridViewCommandColumn ButtonType="Image" Width="65px" VisibleIndex="0">
                                        <EditButton Visible="True" Image-Url="../Content/Images/icon_edit.png">
                                        <UpdateButton Visible="True" Image-Url="../Content/Images/icon_update.png">
                                        <CancelButton Visible="true" Image-Url="../Content/Images/icon_cancel.png">
                                        <DeleteButton Visible="true" Image-Url="../Content/Images/icon_delete.png">
                                        <ClearFilterButton Visible="True">
                                        <%--  <HeaderTemplate>
                                            <dx:ASPxLabel ID="headerLabel" runat="server">
                                    <dx:GridViewDataComboBoxColumn FieldName="OrganisationName" Caption="OrganisationName" VisibleIndex="1">
                                        <PropertiesComboBox TextField="CompanyName" ValueField="OrganisationId" ValueType="System.Int32">
                                    <dx:GridViewDataTimeEditColumn FieldName="DateAnnounced" Caption="DateAnnounced" VisibleIndex="2">
                                    <dx:GridViewDataTextColumn FieldName="Cost" Caption="Cost" VisibleIndex="3">
                                    <dx:GridViewDataTextColumn FieldName="CostCurrency" Caption="Cost Currency" VisibleIndex="4">


and in code behind i Bind the data as

aspxgvOMContracts.DataSource = phase.OMContracts;

here phase.OMContracts is of type List()

Now once I edit any row I need the modified collection back . How do I get the modified collection ?

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You have assigned the DataSource Property of AspxGridview control then you can directly access that assigned assigned List from DataSource Property, it is a read and write property.

Check the documentation:

ASPxDataWebControlBase.DataSource Property

Gets or sets the object from which the data-bound control retrieves its list of data items.

From: Get GridView data source to Data table

if you bind gridview on every postback..then you can get DataTable dt = GridView1.DataSource as DataTable;

Same for you alos as List<SomeType> data = grid.DataSource as List<SomeType>;

Hope this help..

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