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I'm working on a big project a social networking site but now I'm stuck and i need your advice.

My problem is that I wan't to display everything like posts, videos and statuses into his profile.php under user timeline.

I got more than 40 Tables but let me specify what I wan't, I wan't to get data from these tables and how to display them on the profile.php timeline section ?

Status Table
ID   |    sMessage    |    sDate   |  uId
1    | Testing status | 2013/07/03 |   1 

Videos Table
ID   |      vName     |   vCode  |    vDate   |  uId
1    | PHP and MYSQL  |  2MvYwz  | 2013/07/03 |   1 

Users Table
ID   |     uName      |  JoinDate   
1    |   Tem Henov    | 2013/07/03

And here is what i tried:

class userTimeline {
    public function loadTimeline(){
     $query = "SELECT 
                 sMessage, sDate, vName, vDate, vCode 
               FROM status
               INNER JOIN users
                 ON (status.uId = users.uId)
               INNER JOIN videos
                 On (videos.uId = users.uId)
               WHERE users.uId = '1'";

     return $result = mysql_query($query);

and its loads the data fine but how to display that data in blocks like if its a status display in a separate block and if its a video display it in another block and how to order by date ?! any help is appreciated.

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First : To Show data into various <div> first fetch them and show like,

1) Fetch all the record and store into a php array

$rows = array();
while($row = mysql_fetch_array(YOUR_QUERY))
    $rows[] = $row;

2) Now Using foreach() loop use data fetched from query where ever you want

if(is_array($rows)) {
    foreach($rows as $row) {
        //do with $row or create some if,switch condition here !

For specific limits and tweaks study the result set we get from mysql_fetch_array() !

Second : To short data by date you can use multiple sorting (click here for tutorial) but i think you should use MYSQL UNION to merge two or more MySQL query results to get individual sorting result.

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thank you @Hardik Thaker for your answer i will try it :) –  Tem Henov Jul 3 '13 at 9:22
;) :P :D B-) :o –  Hardik Thaker Jul 3 '13 at 9:42

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