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I have a problem with a width on one of my divs. It had a width of 100% relative to my content box (About 800 px in fullscreen). However, when I changed the position to absolute, the width became 1440px (My screen size). Is there a workaround for this problem?

I cant send the whole code, but the page can be seen here:

Thanks in advance!

/Johannes Persson, Stilius

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what about if you put the following on #maindesc

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The width of a position: absolute; element will be relative to the closest positioned ancestor. So if you want 100% to be 100% of some ancestor element, give that ancestor position: relative;

In your case, somethig like this should do the trick;

#content {
    position: relative;

An element is considered to be positioned if it has a position value other than static (default)

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