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I am trying to make a marker's window clickable so it can lead to a new view

From previous stackoverflow answers, they have said to use

-(UIView*)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView markerInfoWindow:(id<GMSMarker>)marker {


However, when I use the method, xcode says "Cannot find protocol declaration for GMSMarker" and highlights


How would I solve this problem?

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There is no such protocol as GMSMarker. There is no such method as -(UIView*)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView markerInfoWindow:(id<GMSMarker>)marker in docs either.

GMSMarker is a class, not a protocol. The existing method - (UIView *) mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView markerInfoWindow:(GMSMarker *)marker has pointer to GMSMarker object as second parameter, not an object conforming to GMSMarker protocol.

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-(UIView*)mapView:(GMSMapView *)mapView markerInfoWindow:(id<GMSMarker>)marker was in the old version of Google maps iOS SDK. In the new version, they changed. –  Jing Jul 7 '13 at 4:16

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