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I created a textbox with following code. It is placed under WM_COMMAND of WNDPROC function.

htextbox=CreateWindowEx(WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE,TEXT("Edit"), TEXT("test"), WS_CHILD \
                         | WS_VISIBLE | WS_BORDER, 100, 20, 140, 20, hWnd, NULL, NULL, NULL);

I want to update the element "test" written in the textbox when I receive: DT_MSG which is a message I receive from another application and the DT_MSG contains the item I want to write in the textbox. suppose the item I get is number say

int a=dtmsg.somenumber

Do I have to delete the above htextbox window and again create new textbox window with updated value or is there alternative and I can simply update "test" item in the same text box?

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I think you can simply do it like this:

SetWindowText(htextbox, TEXT("new text"));
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You can change the text of an Edit Control by using the Win32 API SetWindowText

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