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I need to create custom objects based on an xml input, the rule is that for every node, if it has a direct child node is named EndNode and the text value of which is 1, then I create a leaf object. So for every node, I need to check the direct child with name EndNode and its value. It's not so easy with the Dom API. and Dom selector(in this case I use Ext.DomQuery) doesn't have a way to select direct child of the root node... below is my attempt for using Dom selector, I need to wrap the node around with another level of node for selector to work. but I can't just say new Node(), it silently fails. I guess I have to walk through n.childNodes, but it is complicated to do it this way to check the rule I described above. Any solution?

 Ext.each(node.childNodes, function(n){
            if(n.nodeType == this.XML_NODE_ELEMENT){

                var tmp=new Node();
                console.log(">EndNode", tmp));
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This may be a really stupid, but is it possible to get the data in JSON ? – Shawn Nov 16 '09 at 20:55
@Shawn Nope, that's not stupid. In fact, it's a good idea. – Justin Johnson Nov 16 '09 at 22:48
Also, for starters, I'd wrap the whole thing in try { ... } catch (e) { console.warn(e); } – Justin Johnson Nov 16 '09 at 23:16

I did an xml parser. It is quite easy with Dojo's library. Here ya are. When you're done with it though I recommend exporting the var to JSON and using it as cache.

var parser = dojox.xml.parser;
function crules() { 
    this.rules = new Array();
    this.xml = Object;
xml = '';
crules.prototype.load = function(file){
    var xmlget = dojo.xhrGet({
    	url: file,
    	handleAs: "xml",
    	load: function(data){
    		xml = data;
    	error: function (error) {
    		console.error ('Error: ', error);
    	sync: true
    this.xml = xml;
crules.prototype.buildout = function (){
    var rules = this.xml.getElementsByTagName('ruleset');
    //dojo.byId('jsloading').innerHTML = 'Loading Javascript';
    for(var i=0; i<rules.length; i++){
    	//dojo.byId('jsloading').innerHTML += ' .';
    	r = new cruleset(); = xtagvalue(rules[i],'name');
    	base = xtag(rules[i],'base');
    	textcustom = xtag(rules[i],'textcustom');
    	r.textcustomy = xtagvalue(textcustom[0],'y');
    	r.textcustomx = xtagvalue(textcustom[0],'x');
    	for(var j=0; j<base.length; j++){
    		r.bases[j] = new cbase();
    		r.bases[j].imgsrc = xtagvalue(base[j],'imgsrc');
    		r.bases[j].color = xtagvalue(base[j],'color');
    		r.bases[j].coloropts = new Array();
    		var copts = xtag(rules[i],'option');
    		for(var k=0; k<copts.length;k++){
    			var cc = new Object();
    			cc.color = xtagvalue(copts[k],'color');
    			cc.imgsrc = xtagvalue(copts[k],'imgsrc');
    	zones = xtag(rules[i],'zone');
    	for(var j=0; j<zones.length; j++){
    		z = new czone(); =xtagvalue(zones[j],'name');
    		zoneconfigs = xtag(zones[j],'zoneconfig');
    		for(var n=0; n<zoneconfigs.length; n++){
    			zc = new czoneconfig(); =;
    			zc.x1 =xtagvalue(zones[j],'x1');
    			zc.y1 =xtagvalue(zones[j],'y1');
    			zc.w =xtagvalue(zones[j],'w');
    			zc.h =xtagvalue(zones[j],'h');
    			hotspots = xtag(zoneconfigs[n],'hotspot');
    			for(var k=0; k<hotspots.length; k++){
    				h = new chotspot(); = xtagvalue(hotspots[k],'name');
    				h.x =xtagvalue(hotspots[k],'x');
    				h.y =xtagvalue(hotspots[k],'y');
    				h.nameyoffset = xtagvalue(hotspots[k],'nameyoffset');
    				h.accessoryonly = xtagvalue(hotspots[k],'accessoryonly');
    				if(h.accessoryonly == null){ 
    					h.accessoryonly = 0;
    				var showname = xtag(hotspots[k],'showname');
    					h.showname = xtagvalue(hotspots[k],'showname');
    				/*h.itemset =xtagvalue(hotspots[k],'itemset');*/
    				items = xtag(hotspots[k],'item');
    					for(var l=0;l<items.length;l++){
    						t = new citem();
 = xtagvalue(items[l],'id');
    						h.items[h.items.length] = t;
    				zc.hotspots[zc.hotspots.length] = h;
    			z.zoneconfigs[z.zoneconfigs.length] = zc;
    		r.zones[r.zones.length] = z;
    	this.rules[this.rules.length] = r;
    /*xmltext = parser.innerXML(xml);
      dojo.byId('cwindow').innerHTML = xmltext;*/

function xtag(e,tag){
    var n=null;
    n = e.getElementsByTagName(tag);
    	return e.getElementsByTagName(tag);
    else return null;
function xtagvalue(e,tag){
    var n=null;
    n = e.getElementsByTagName(tag);
    	return parser.textContent(n[0]);
    else return null;
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Answer your question? – user192230 Nov 25 '09 at 5:37
LOL - I like how you say "quite easy" then follow that up with >100 lines of code! I hope there's an easier solution, I'm looking for one myself and will probably end up using JSON. – Karthik Sep 11 '10 at 22:00

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