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I've been looking at profiles in maven for selecting different sets of dependencies. This is fine when you want to build say a debug build differently from a release build. My problem is that I want to do a fair bit more than this. For my application (Mobile Java app where J2ME is just one target among many) there may be a large number of possible combinations of variations on a build.

Using some made-up command line syntax to illustrate what I'd like to see, I'd imagine typing in something like

mvn -Pmidp,debug,local-resources

What Maven does in this case is to build three different builds. What I want to do is use those three (Or more, or less) switches to affect just one build. So I'd get a MIDP-targetting debug build with 'local resources' (Whatever that might mean to me - I'm sure you can imagine better examples).

The only way I can think of doing this would be to have lots and lots of profiles which becomes quite problematic. In my example, I'd have


Each with its own frustratingly similar set of dependencies and build tag.

I'm not sure I've explained my problem well enough, but I can re-write the question to clarify it if comments are left.


The question isn't actually valid since I'd made a false assumption about the way maven works.


does not do 3 builds. It in fact enables those 3 profiles on one build, which was ironically what I was looking for in the first place.

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The Maven way is to create a lot of artifacts with less complexity. I'd say your best bet is to abstract the common parts of each build into a separate artifact, then create a project for each build that defines the build specific parts. This will leave you with a lot of projects, but each will be much simpler.

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I have that, but it's the selection of a specific part within a superpart that has me stumped, particularly when I want to choose between a large set of possible small parts, each doing some small thing, and each possibly a variant of another. –  izb Oct 6 '08 at 14:29

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