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I'm new to both javascript and AngularJS, and wondering why is the expression inside the quotes not evaluated?

<span ng-show="{{remaining()}}!==0">sometext</span>

it is simply printed like this:

<span ng-show="2!==0">sometext</span>

and the ng-show is not working regardless of the contents. The text ( and the printed expression) is shown even if the expression is wrapped in an eval, :


I resorted to creating a function in my controller for this:

<span ng-show="renderOrNot()">sometext</span>

which works, but I would prefer not to have to write a function each time I want to make a comparison

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Almost there ...

When you use {{}}, the values are interpolated, i.e. processed for display. Just use the function as it is, and it will work:

<span ng-show="remaining() !== 0">sometext</span>
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You must not use it {{}} because your value is bind. Use ng-show like this:

<span ng-show="remaining() !== 0">sometext</span>
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