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How to draw a straight line on imageview in Xamarin using c#. I have to draw the straight line and calculate length of that line. Please help me. Thanks in advance..

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You can extend UIImageView and inside a method draw a line like so:

public void DrawLine()
    CGContext context = UIGraphics.GetCurrentContext ();
    context.SetLineWidth (4);
    UIColor.Clear.SetFill ();
    UIColor.Black.SetStroke ();
    currentPath = new CGPath ();
    currentPath.AddLines (points.ToArray());
    context.AddPath (currentPath);    
    context.DrawPath (CGPathDrawingMode.Stroke);   
    context.SaveState ();

points is a List of PointF objects.

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it's working good... – Raju Istalla Jul 19 '13 at 9:32

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