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I am using DownloadManager to manage downloads in my application. The public API says:

The download manager will conduct the download in the background, taking care of HTTP interactions and retrying downloads after failures or across connectivity changes and system reboots

However, when I lost 3G / WiFi connection and it comes back again, the download is not resumed, and checking the status value it says "STATUS FAILED" with reason "ERROR_CANNOT_RESUME".

Is there any way to resume a current download after losing connection with DownloadManager?

Thank you in advance,

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The problem could be server side: Some servers do not support resuming a download. –  S.D. Jul 3 '13 at 10:06
Also, depending on how long you lost connectivity, DownloadManager could have given up retrying. To resume one, I presume you request a fresh download, using a fresh DownloadManager.Request object. –  CommonsWare Jul 3 '13 at 11:18

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