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I am working on a project to build a VoIP software running on Windows Platform. We are using C# as our main programming language.

I am currently looking for an open source library that help me to handle VoIP staff, so I can simply use it. Then I comes to linphone. However, I have a lot of question to make it work.

  1. How to compile the source on Windows, any step by step tutorial?

  2. I know liblinphone is the core and makes it easy handle VoIP staff. But I don't know the way to use it?

  3. Is there any tutorial to use the linphone SDK in Visual Studio 2010?

  4. Is there any existing VoIP SDK written in C#?

Thank you very much.

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any news on this one? im also coming the web.... –  Yisman Oct 3 '13 at 9:16

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