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So, I have this array with attributes and i want to get its' length. In this case the array length should be 2 since there are only 2 "items"


I've already tried exist.length but it returns undefined. How can i get its' length?

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var myObj = {"items":[{"value":"2","valor":0,"name":"Limpeza"},

var arrLength = myObj.items.length;

myObj.items - is the array, myObj.items.length - length of that array.

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worked perfectly, thank you.(i'll accept the answer as soon as possible) –  DaftDev Jul 3 '13 at 10:24

You're having an object which one of it's properties with the name items is an array with the length of 2.


var data =  {"items":[{"value":"2","valor":0,"name":"Limpeza"},

var len = data.items.length;
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