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I am trying to use the completion handler on invoke to perform certain actions once the hub has return a result. Im using the following line currently:

myHub invoke:@"stpm" withArgs:messageParam completionHandler:^(SRHubResult *hubResult) {

But the block is never called. The invoke still works fine but the block never gets used. Any suggestions as to why?

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I can only spot 1.5 issues with your snippet, completionHandler returns either NSDictionary, NSArray, NSNumber, or NSString. Also, is messageParam array?

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oh forgot about this question. You actually saw the answer to this on github. I made the issue there and pointed out how the block is being passed as nil. – walsh06 Jul 25 '13 at 13:01
ahh thought it look sorta familiar. – Colin Swelin Jul 25 '13 at 13:06
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I have found the issue. In SRHubProxy.m when the method send is called from SRHubProxy.m in invoke, the line:

[_connection send:hubData];

is wrong. The block never gets passed whether you have declared one or not. I changed it to:

[_connection send:hubData completionHandler:block];

which now passes the block correctly and it seems to work.

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