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I am trying to write a string in my php code in my panel. This is given bellow

$str.="$('#layerList ul').prepend('<li data-refInd=\''+arr_ind+'\'><img src=\''tmp_card_imgs/\'+temp".$k.".name+'\' width='20px' /> Layer '+temp".$k.".zindex+':Image <span class=\'del_layer\' style=\'cursor:pointer;float:right;display:block;\'>X</span></li>');";

but the error showing in console is given bellow

SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list
[Break On This Error]   

...data-refInd=\''+arr_ind+'\'><img src=\''tmp_card_imgs/\'+temp0.name+'\' width='2...
editor.php?id=129 (line 837, col 60)

What is the problem in my string escaping?

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Something is wrong here:

<img src=\''tmp_card_imgs/\'+temp0.name+'\' 
//        ^               ^

Should be

<img src=\'tmp_card_imgs/'+temp0.name+'\' 

And you haven't escaped


Should be



    $str.="$('#layerList ul').prepend('<li data-refInd=\''+arr_ind+'\'><img src=\'tmp_card_imgs/'+temp".$k.".name+'\' width=\'20px\' /> Layer '+temp".$k.".zindex+':Image <span class=\'del_layer\' style=\'cursor:pointer;float:right;display:block;\'>X</span></li>');";
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Now error SyntaxError: illegal character in +temp0.name+'\' –  Sudip Rooj Jul 3 '13 at 10:55
edited and formatted, it should work –  Tim Dev Jul 3 '13 at 11:03
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$str .= "$('#layerList ul').prepend('<li data-refInd=\"'+arr_ind+'\"><img src=\"tmp_card_imgs/'+temp".$k.".name+'\" width='20px' /> Layer '+temp".$k.".zindex+':Image <span class=\"del_layer\" style=\"cursor:pointer;float:right;display:block;\">X</span></li>');";
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