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I have created a new component, inserted into a new package, installed and it worked. (it appeared in the pallette). After a time I wanted to modify that component and accidentally deleted the *.bpl from the Delphi/projects/bpl folder, also Delphi asked me if I want to reload the missing *.bpl ant the next start and said no. After all that, I wanted to install again the modified component and it does not appear in the pallete. What can I do? I don't want to reinstall Delphi....


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problem solved (by mistake)

I just opened the palette, selected [All], and clicked on Default Pages... and my custom package appeared (with my component).

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Not sure what you are asking, but why not install the component into a new package again? It seems to me you accidently deleted the package, but not the component. So try the following:

> Open the component source code  
> Under the component menu, click Install Component 
> Click on the Into New package tab 
> Name the package and click OK

This should install the component for you...

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