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i have to translate a query written in sql into ruby (activeRecord / Linq), but i can't find the correct syntax to do it, please help.

i want to know the number of unique users who did this 4 activities in a festival. the sql query is the following:

`SELECT count(distinct user) FROM stats where festivalId='fest000'
and user in (select user from stats where activity='checkins')
and user in (select user from stats where activity='programs')
and user in (select user from stats where activity='status')
and user in  (select user from stats where activity='pictureUpload');`

how can i manage to do it? where can i find at least similar examples or good documentation to figure it out? would it be possible to use a constant "user" so i can do all the queries and then put them together or something like this?

i am desperate,i cant find a solution and i dont know what to do... thanks in advance!!

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I guess you need to find out distinct user count which having festivalId='fest000' and activity 'checkins' AND 'programs' AND 'status' AND'pictureUpload')

Then following query should work

WHERE festivalId='fest000' AND activity IN ('checkins', 'programs', 'status','pictureUpload') 
GROUP BY user 

And you can easily convert this query in ruby way too

Stat.where("festivalId=? AND activity IN (?)", 'fest000', ['checkins', 'programs', 'status','pictureUpload']).group('user').having("COUNT(distinct activity) = 4").count
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THATS IT salil!! thanks for your help! –  user2542431 Jul 3 '13 at 11:53

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