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I have an application which is taking a csv file via an upload view, it reads the data from the file into a list, then passes the list to a celery task, the task then uses a generator function to split the data into chunks of 200 (with a bit of pre-processing to ensure there are no duplicates). These chunks are then passed to a task set, to process chunks and write lines to the database, the subtask then passes results of lines written etc to the main task to record a log of the full taskset.

I am getting a problem when loading large sets of data that 1 task writing a chunk of 200 lines to the database randomly freezes, if I kill this task then the queue continues to process. This never happened when testing with the db and celery running locally, so I am assuming it is some kind of mysql connection problem, celery.log and mysql logs are not revealing anything and due to my lack of experience I am not entirely sure how to troubleshoot it.

I am running django, mysql, rabbitmq for task queue and results with 1 server for db, webserver and another for task processing (2 x AWS EC2 running ubuntu server 12.04).

My code:


reader = csv.reader(request.FILES['f'], delimiter=',', quotechar='"')
#Skip the header
uploaddata = [row for row in reader]

LegacyUploadManager.delay(uploaddata, log.pk)


class LegacyUploadManager(Task):
    Task to take uploads, split into smaller tasks and manage
    def run(self, f, logpk):
        #Create chunk generator to split chunks into sets of 200
        ChunkGen = UploadChunkGen(f, 200)
        #Generate chunks and create a taskset of chunk tasks
        self.tasks = []
        for chunk in ChunkGen:
        #create taskset and start processing
        job = TaskSet(self.tasks)
        result = job.apply_async()
        #Wait for tasks to complete
        while result.waiting():
        #Write results to database via ImportLogger task
        ImporterLogger.delay(logpk, result.join())

class LegacyUploader(Task):
    Task for uploading products imported from ESP via a full product layout.
    def run(self, f):

        for row in f:

I think I just need to add 'timeout=....' param to my 'job.apply_async()' but I am not sure of the consequences of doing this. I.e. will I lose all lines not processed on the timed out task or will lines written to the database before the task timed out be written again?

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do you use django-celery ? –  silviud Jul 3 '13 at 13:51
Yes it is django-celery I am using –  gingebot Jul 3 '13 at 22:28
take a look at the following - docs.celeryproject.org/en/latest/… –  silviud Jul 7 '13 at 13:13

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