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I created a new project with Microsoft's Team Foundation Service ( I added code (Orchard CMS) which includes the solution file and performed initial check-in. To make sure nothing was missed, I removed mappings and deleted my local. Then got latest and reestablished mappings. I opened the solution, built it and set up a local site. Everything worked fine.


Whenever I open/load the solution, I noticed that I don't have the usual TFS options like get latest, check-out and check-in and source control options. Then I noticed an add to source control option (see below)

enter image description here

Whenever I click on it, I get told that the 'item 'Orchard.sln' is already under source control'

Without source control, I don't have the options and I can't track which files have been updated or not, and the locks as well. Can anyone help please?

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All the source control settings are in the SLN file.

Open it up with notepad, and remove the following GlobalSection (there can be more than one sometimes):

GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl) = preSolution

Now re-bind the solution and project using the: File, Source Control, Advanced, Change Source Control... option.

This should setup the binding correctly. If you check in these changes to SLN, vspcc, csproj files it will stay.

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worked perfectly. thank you! – AnimaSola Jul 4 '13 at 17:53
In my version of VS (2010 Pro), there is no "Advanced" mid-menu stage. – B. Clay Shannon Jul 5 '13 at 18:34
@DaveShaw, any idea if it is a Web Site project (as opposed to Web App project), where the TFS bindings get stored at the proj level (since there is no csproj file). – joedotnot Apr 10 '15 at 2:24

I was having the same problem. When I opened a file in solution explorer and modified it, it was being checked out.

I fixed it by unbinding my solution and projects and then rebinding them.

To unbind:

(1) selecting my solution in solution explorer (2) selecting File -> Source Control Advanced -> Change Source Control (3) clicking unbind for my solution and all projects (4) click OK

To bind: (1) selecting my solution in solution explorer (2) selecting File -> Source Control Advanced -> Change Source Control (3) clicking bind my solution and all projects (4) click OK

These files will appear under Pending Changes. After I checked them in,, I tested if it worked.

I went to solution explorer, opened one of my .cs files, went to an end of line of code hit enter, and noticed it immediately got checked out.

I didn't have to open my solution in notepad and delete anything as mentioned in another answer.

NOTE: I am using VS 2012 Pro and TFS 2010.

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