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How do I update Object with Spring Data and MongoDB?

do I just do a

  public Person update( String id, String Name ) 
        logger.debug("Retrieving an existing person");
        // Find an entry where pid matches the id

        Query query = new Query(where("pid").is(id));
        // Execute the query and find one matching entry
        Person person = mongoTemplate.findOne("mycollection", query, Person.class);

        * How do I update the database

        return person;
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would you please accept the answer which helped you solve this problem, if any? – Trevor Gowing Jul 12 '13 at 6:34

If you read the javadoc for MongoOperations/MongoTemplate you will see that


performs an:


So yes you can just update your object and call save.

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You could probably do both 'find' and 'update' operations in one line.

mongoTemplate.updateFirst(query,Update.update("Name", name),Person.class)

You can find some excellent tutorials at Spring Data MongoDB Helloworld

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You can just use or methods for this. But mongo has also Update object for this operations.

For example:

Update update=new Update();
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