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I am new to iOS. For find the crash reports I am using Hockey app. I followed the same procedure in the given site "http://support.hockeyapp.net/kb/client-integration/hockeyapp-for-ios". But i got that error. Anybody can explain what is meaning of the following statement

"If you are already using a .xcconfig file, simply add the following line to it

include "../Vendor/HockeySDK/Support/HockeySDK.xcconfig"

(Adjust the path depending where the Project.xcconfig file is located related to the Xcode project package)"

Please give me solution Thanks in advance

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I bet you missed out this step, or didn't complete it properly:


If you are getting build warnings, then the .xcconfig setting wasn't included successfully or its settings in Other Linker Flags get ignored because $(interited) is missing on project or target level. Either add $(inherited) or link the following frameworks manually in Link Binary With Libraries under Build Phases:







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No i did that step –  user2396621 Jul 3 '13 at 13:06
@user2396621 Check it again. –  trojanfoe Jul 3 '13 at 13:07

Have you added CoreText to your frameworks?

Build Phases - Link Binary With Libraries

And look for CoreText library

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