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I was wondering if Bower will install the dependencies of the component I'm installing. Lets say I install a component which requires jQuery. Will Bower also install jQuery?

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you will have to download jquery –  Satya Jul 3 '13 at 13:32
Please think through what you want to ask and be clear. –  Sindre Sorhus Jul 3 '13 at 14:08

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Bower will install the jQuery dependency for you if the component you installed have a bower.json with jQuery defined as a dependency.

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Oh yes ! Thx for your answer and for the editing ! –  Thomas Pons Jul 3 '13 at 14:15
Does this mean that in my HTML, I'll have to include <script> tags for both the component I want + the newly installed jquery component? If so, that seems prone to errors because that means I have to check if all my bower dependencies have their own dependencies I need to include; however, I don't see how else this could be implemented. –  Swaraj Feb 28 at 1:32

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