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I am building my JSF form dynamically using the javax.faces.component like:

} else if ((formFields.get(i).getFieldType().equals("Numeric"))) {
    HtmlInputText input = (HtmlInputText)application.createComponent(HtmlInputText.COMPONENT_TYPE);
    input.setValueExpression("value", FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().getExpressionFactory().createValueExpression(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getELContext(), "#{reviewReportBean.cRReviewerFormDataList["+i+"].fieldData}" , String.class));

I would like to add & implement a numeric validator to inputText field dynamically. i have no idea how to implement?

For example if i try to validate using a regular expression, how can i add the relevant component (e.g. In a static form represented with f:validateRegex pattern="") dynamically? Is there any relevant interface?

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for best use and i have also implemented validation through JAVA SCRIPT in JSF,

code(JAVASCRIPT validation):

htmlInputTextObj.setOnkeypress("javascript:return limitinput(event, '0123456789', true);");
htmlInputTextObj.setOnfocus("javascript:return clearThisField(this);");
htmlInputTextObj.setOnblur("javascript:return loadDefaultValue(this);");

Code(JAVA validation)

final LengthValidator validator =


   if (question.getMinLength() > 0)


   if (question.getMaxLength() > 0)



JAVA validator more reference use link

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but with javascript it will be more difficult to achieve more complex validator logic – thanili Jul 3 '13 at 14:03
ya thats true, but its less complex to add validation into code. – Jubin Patel Jul 3 '13 at 14:06
here what you want – Jubin Patel Jul 3 '13 at 14:13
jubin thanks for responding, i will check! Another option i think i could have is that i could add (if supported) a component of type 'f:validateRegex' after my inputText component. But i can not find if it is supported (javax.faces.*) – thanili Jul 4 '13 at 10:13
Thanks jubinPatel – thanili Jul 9 '13 at 14:37

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