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I use EF+WCF Ria Service for a SL app.Suppose I have 2 tables Person, PersonPhone. 2 entities will created by EF.

Then defined PersonPhone as composite in meta data for WCF ria service like:

    public partial class Person
        internal sealed class PersonMetadata
            private PersonMetadata()

            public EntityCollection<PersohPhone> PersonPhone { get; set; }


then define a wcf ria service method as:

 public IQueryable<Person> GetPersonByID(int id)
            var result = this.ObjectContext.Persons.Include("PersonPhone")
                .Where(x => x.PersonID == id);               
            return result;

then call this method in SL app like:

  Context.Load<T>(Context.GetPersonByIDQuery(id), LoadBehavior.RefreshCurrent, r =>
            }, null);

Problem is:First time to call, it is okay, all PersonPhone is loaded.

For testing purpose, I remove some of data from PersonPone in SL app, but not save it back to DB, like:




then Call the method to load Person again in SL app, Person.PersonPhone is not refreshed.

How to resolve this problem?

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