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How is transformed and passed from a http request to the one that hit routes.rb file. I know about webrick, but I can't find where is the webrick's code

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This is the path your request is going through when using Webrick:

host -> port -> sockets -> connections -> packets

This is the hierarchy of containers. Host is localhost and the port is either 80 (invisible) or 3000 (explicit).

Webrick "listens" at a port until a client creates a socket and makes a connection. The connection then persists, and another client can connect at the same port.

A connection is like a virtual pair of wires. The server and client communicate by sending and receiving messages, and the connection protocol cuts these up into packets. Because Webrick only deals with one packet at a time, and because the connection layer stores the actual server and client information, Webrick can handle multiple browsers at the same time.

You can read more here

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