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I have MMDDYY dates, i.e. today is 111609

How do I convert this to 11/16/2009, in Python?

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I suggest the following:

import datetime
date = datetime.datetime.strptime("111609", "%m%d%y")
print date.strftime("%m/%d/%Y")

This will convert 010199 to 01/01/1999 and 010109 to 01/01/2009.

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date = '111609'
new_date = date[0:2] + '/' + date[2:4] + '/' + date[4:6]
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Misses the four-digit year part. And what if the date is "010199"? – Tim Pietzcker Nov 16 '09 at 21:51
The question asked for a 4-figure year, not just the 2 figures from the original string – Ben James Nov 16 '09 at 21:52
Yep. Fail on my part. I only answered because it seemed like the OP wanted a hacked together answer. datetime ftw, imo. – physicsmichael Nov 16 '09 at 22:12
>>> s = '111609'
>>> d ='20' + s[4:6]), int(s[0:2]), int(s[2:4]))
>>> # or, alternatively (and better!), as initially shown here, by Tim
>>> # d = datetime.datetime.strptime(s, "%m%d%y")
>>> d.strftime('%m/%d/%Y')

one of the reasons why the strptime() approach is better is that it deals with dates close to contemporary times, with a window, i.e. properly handling dates in the latter part of the 20th century and dates in the early part of the 21st century properly.

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