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I am trying to select Multiple Users from AddressBook.Is it possible ? As far as i checked. In ABPeoplePickerNavigationController it is possible to select 1 user at a time from AddressBook.Likewise is it possible to pick Multiple Users from AddressBook.

Thanks In Advance.

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Here are couple of sample projects that you can use that do exactly what you are looking for

TKContactsMultiPicker for iOS

MultiContactsSelector for iOS

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Actually, the People Picker delegate has the following:


Which, if you return NO, you can perform logic (queue up info, perform an animation, etc) and then continue displaying the picker until all people are picked from the picker....

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Thanks.. any tutorials or sample code based on using this logic? –  Grey Code Jul 4 '13 at 7:32
API mentioned is deprecated in 8.0 –  Arjan Mar 22 at 14:28

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