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I have a perfectly normal (TopShelf hosted) windows service. I have a requirement for a simple interface to the service which will return some current stats (held in memory).

I had a cunning plan to self-host a website within the service, and I see that the asp.net API has a self host functionality.

Is it possible to subvert the 'API'ness of the system and have it return simple (though not static) HTML that a browser could read directly?

If not that are there any other options or ideas for this scenario?

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Yes. This test site http://www.hypermediaapi.com is done using self-hosted WebAPI. The source for it is here https://github.com/darrelmiller/HypermediaApiSite

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Excellent example –  danmec Jan 7 '14 at 16:17
This example uses MVC which is not self hosted.. –  kubal5003 Feb 26 at 19:18
@kubal5003 There is an MVC project and a Console project that uses self-host. The Azure VM that hosts the site is using the Console project as a Windows Service. –  Darrel Miller Feb 26 at 19:51

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