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I have two dataframes;

df1 as;

Name      Role
Jim       Accounts
Sam       Purchase
Rhea      Sales

df2 as;

Name     Date
Jim      1/1/2000
Jim      2/1/2000
Jim      3/1/2000
Sam      1/1/2000
Sam      2/1/2000
Rhea     1/1/2000
Rhea     2/1/2000

I want to lookup df1 and have the output as;

    Name     Date          Role
    Jim      1/1/2000      Accounts
    Jim      2/1/2000      Accounts
    Jim      3/1/2000      Accounts
    Sam      1/1/2000      Purchase
    Sam      2/1/2000      Purchase
    Rhea     1/1/2000      Sales
    Rhea     2/1/2000      Sales

I'm unable to figure out Pandas' lookup feature.

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You don't seem to have the right terminology, in pandas you are looking for either merge or join. –  bdiamante Jul 3 '13 at 14:40
thanks. merge does work. –  richie Jul 3 '13 at 14:51

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Use merge function:

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