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I have a small part of code that retrieves some data from imgur, and I want to show those images. I get the album it from the text, and to the following:

      url: 'https://api.imgur.com/3/album/'+album_id+'/images.json',
      headers:{'Authorization':'Client-ID 123456789abcdefghijklmnopq'},
      complete: function(data) {
          window.imgur = JSON.parse(data.responseText).data;
          length = window.imgur.length;

I have experimented with code, added some console.logs before the ajax request, and in the complete function, and it appears the complete is taking a loooong time, like 15-20 seconds. On "real browsers", Chrome on my PC for example, it takes around second or so to make an API call and parse it. On mobile, I just spins the icon (on iOS), and takes a lot of time. I tried with mobile Safari and with Chrome.

my_method is fairly simple, it just creates an image, so its not it causing the delay: (simplified)

$('<img class="preview" src="'+window.imgur[0].link+'" >').insertAfter(something);

Does anyone have any suggestion how to fix this? I tried changing the "complete" in ajax params to "success", but success takes the same time as well.

Would maybe using another framework help?


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