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I have Kohana working ith MSSQL (ODBC) and I have a problem with Auth and PDO modules.

When the user logins in and when Kohana Auth tries to load a user from the database the following code:

// Load the user
$user = ORM::factory('User');
$user->where($user->unique_key($username), '=', $username)->find();

produces the following SQL statement:

SELECT user.id AS id, user.email AS email, user.username AS username, user.password AS password, user.firstname AS firstname, user.lastname AS lastname FROM users AS user WHERE **username = LIMIT 1** 

So for some reason it doesn't transfer $username from ORM to SQL statement. $username variable is not empty in the "Load the user" section. I have checked it many times.

I have been trying to find where this sql statement is actually created and trying to find out why it is not created properly but no luck so far.

I am desperate to get this working. If somebody could help me find the place where this sql query is created or suggest what may be causing this problem I would appreciate it.

Kind regards PJ

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Which MSSQL module you use? –  matino Jul 4 '13 at 6:39
Kohana MSSQL and Kohana ORM Leap. But I'm trying to use default Kohana authentication module for logging in users. Auth::instance()->login('username', 'password'); –  PJ_ Jul 4 '13 at 10:56

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