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First, excuse my poor english :)

I've a little headache with the syntax of Get-Content -Replace

My code is :

(Get-Content $env:HIS_XMLPATH) -replace '<Password>(.*?)</Password>', '<Password>$env:HIS_PWD</Password>' | Set-Content C:\test.xml

And the result in the xml file is :


I just want the value of my environment variable, what the syntax to include it ?

Thanks a lot

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You need to put the environment variable inside double quotes so it can be expanded. Single quoted strings are not expandable:

... -replace '<Password>(.*?)</Password>', "<Password>$env:HIS_PWD</Password>"
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Thanks a lot Shay, it's works perfectly !!! :) –  Sébastien Lozé Jul 3 '13 at 19:40

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