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I have recorded scripts through Selenium IDE and converted them to JUnit 4 Webdriver scripts. Of course converted scripts had to be changed to run smoothly as Junits. Now my next goal is to make these scripts run on CI, So obviously I need some headless browser for this purpose. I found some threads, but I am looking for Junits specifically.

What could be the best solution/approach for this, any help in this regard is appreciated.

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You don't necessarily need a headless browser for CI runs. Why not just stick to a standard basic installation of Firefox or Chrome? Why the 'need' to use a headless browser? –  Arran Jul 3 '13 at 15:57
Well,my CI is running on EC2 instance, So assume I need to install headless browser ..if not, am I missing something in my understanding? –  Kaunteya Jul 3 '13 at 16:05

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Take a look at PhantomJS. It is a headless WebKit-based browser and there is Selenium WebDriver for that called GhostDriver.

That's what i use and is OK but there is also the option of using a headed browser like Firefox or Chrome and then use Xvfb to ignore screen output.

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