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I probably have some broken config but I can't figure out what I set to break this.

If I have an outline like

* Heading
** Subheading1
** Subheading2

If I hit M-return or C-return when the cursor is at subheading1 I end up with

* Heading
** Subheading1
** Subheading2

It should be producing a new subheading, but instead produces something indented which is not treated as a sub heading.

Anyone know how I broke my org mode?

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C-h k C-RET in an org buffer and check that it's bound to an org mode defun. Are you using bundled org? Is the case specific to one file? Without more info, bisection of your emacs startup file(s) or a minimal test-case is your only hope =) –  assem Jul 4 '13 at 0:23

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