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I'm writing a converter plugin for Jekyll and need access to some of the page header (YAML front matter) properties. Only the content is passed to the main converter method and does not seem possible to access the context.


module Jekyll
  class UpcaseConverter < Converter
    safe true
    priority :low

    def matches(ext)
      ext =~ /^\.upcase$/i

    def output_ext(ext)

    def convert(content)

      # Its here that I need access to the content page header data 


Any ideas how I can access the page header data within a converter plugin?

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Based on the Jekyll source code, it is not possible to retrieve the YAML front matter in a converter.

I see two solutions that could work depending on your situation.

  1. Your file extension could be descriptive enough to provide the information you would have included in the front matter. It looks like the Converter plugin was designed to be this basic.

  2. If modifying Jekyll is an option, you could change the Convertible.transform method to send the front matter to Converter.convert. The Converters that come with Jekyll would have to be modified as well. Fork it on GitHub and see if others like the idea. Here's where to start:

Good luck.

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After going down a similar route I found the same - its not possible. I also came to the conclusion that it shoudn't be possible as what I was trying to do was not suitable for a converter plugin, after a rethink I created tag plugins instead. Converter plugins should only deal with converting text from one format to another and not be context sensitive. – pipe-devnull Jul 13 '13 at 7:43

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