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I am using Linux and I need some indication that an IP address has been acquired by the n/w interface over DHCP. Is there any event that I can wait for... Ideally I would like to have something like this: An event or a call back so that whenever the interface acquires an IP address I can get to know immediately. Is there any such event or call back or any provision?


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If you're on a desktop distro running NetworkManager, it will run scripts in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d when the network interface changes state, passing information via the command line and environment variables. I forget the details, but you can check the documentation and existing examples.

NetworkManager also has a dbus interface, which you can listen to for the same information. Running (as root) dbus-monitor --system while you bounce your interface will show you the relevant signal.

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Can you help me with integrating this in a script - I would like to know how I can add code in my script to know that ethernet interface has got an IP address. –  Daylite Jul 4 '13 at 6:40

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