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I'm using Jython to make a Gson call to the method toJson(). I used a GsonBuilder to create the Gson object. The problem is that when calling the method, I get a 'RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded.' This is coming from the getAdapter() method inside the toJson call, both methods being a part of the Gson class of course.

Basically, the toJson method calls other toJson methods in the class with different signatures based on the inputs.Of course Gson comes as a jar so there's no changing it and I'm not seeing where the recursion lies in the getAdapter method. Has anyone done anything like this before and know a workaround/hack and I can use? Quick and dirty is fine, I just need this for a proof of concept. The relevant code is as follows.

builder = GsonBuilder()
builder.registerTypeAdapter(tpj.Semicircles(0).class, app.SemicirclesTypeAdapter())
gson = builder.setPrettyPrinting().create()
payload = tp.RequestPayload()
json = gson.toJson(payload)

tpj is a python module and app is the Java class I'm trying to emulate with the Jython. Emulating the Gson stuff would be too complicated which is why I'm using Jython.

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can you give a stacktrace? or specific error that it is giving you? – clifgray Jul 3 '13 at 18:09
I bet payload spans an object graph with cycles. – Wolfgang Kuehn Jul 3 '13 at 18:15

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