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I'm having a hard time finding information about whether or not .Net (C# specifically if it matters) respects the TTL values for DNS entries. I believe it does not based on the information I found here. I noticed in other places that Java also does not respect DNS TTL values (Any way to make Java honor the DNS Caching Timeout (TTL)?). Am I right that the only way to control how long a DNS lookup is cached is by using the ServicePointManager.DnsRefreshTimeout property? If this is a case does anyone have information on why this is the case? Seems like a non-obvious choice for programming languages.

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The Dns Class just calls into the Win32 API, so the question is if Windows respects TTL values/caches DNS information. ServicePointManager is used (afaik) only by HttpWebRequest; it uses the Dns class (which does not expose TTL information) to make a lookup, and caches the result for DnsRefreshTimeout. –  dtb Jul 3 '13 at 18:02

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