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Installed SlikSvn on Window 2008 server Created Repository at c:\dia\svn\repos

running this windows service as:

sc create svn binpath= "\"c:\program files\sliksvn\bin\svnserve.exe\" --service -r c:\dia\svn\repos" displayname= "Subversion Server" depend= Tcpip start= auto

This works fine.

running svnserve as -d --listen-host xx.xx.xx.xx --list-host 3690

when try to browse repository as svn://xx.xx.xx.xx/dia/svn/repos getting error 'No repository found in 'svn://xx.xx.xx.xx/dia/svn/repos'

but works fine when try to browse repo as file:///c:/dia/svn/repos.

What am i missing ... any help please ???


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I could not get SlikSvn server running as a Windows Service for some reason. I tried this question for guidance, as well as here stackoverflow.com/questions/3729282/… –  JohnB Jun 24 '11 at 22:52

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Your SVN repository is at C:\dia\svn\repos, but you're setting up the server root to be C:\dialog?

[Edit: OK, so that's fixed...]

Let's take a look at this then:

You're passing this as the repository root:

But then you try to connect to: svn://xx.xx.xx.xx/dia/svn/repos

Now, since your repository root is what you expose as the root of your svn server and whatever you request for is appended to that, you're now actually requesting for c:\dia\svn\repos\dia\svn\repos

Instead, you probably want to try just this:

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My mistake: yes was set to c:\dia\svn\repos –  Sreedhar Nov 16 '09 at 23:48

When the repos is in


You need to pass the root that contains your repository/repositories, not the path to a single repository (because then you would have to run a new service instance for every repository).

This means you should use:

-r c:\dia\svn

as argument

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I'd guess that SlickSvn (hopefully) isn't exposing your root filesystem. Try to connect to svn://xx.xx.xx.xx:3690 and see if you get anything.

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Nope still the same error. thanks –  Sreedhar Nov 16 '09 at 23:37

Is repos the name of a single repository or the parent path for all your current/future SVN repositories?

If repos is indeed the actual repository you are trying to reach, then you will first need to configure the service to point to the parent/root path (as mentioned by Sander...) and then, you need to restart the service. Once done, try accessing the repository like this:


But if "repos" is already the root of the repository(ies) then the service config is fine - you just need to try accessing via svn://servername/*repository_name* - there is no need to provide the parent path name here.

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