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We were using the SMPP from Text messaging Gateway company currently. However, we now have direct connectivity with mobile operator and want to setup our own SMPP server that other service provider can use and connect to use via SMPP aswell.

( Currently we were using php smpp library to connect to gateway provider)

  1. Is there any such software product that allows to build SMPP server, and allow our partner to use them and manage there rates and billign aswell?

  2. Since we build PHP library that can connect to SMSC, what is best way to implement SMPP server like functionality so that other people can connect to us via SMPP. What component we need to develop? Any listener? Daemon what we need? Any guidance will be highly appreciated. Any example or reference?

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Finally i found ozekisms as one of low cost option... ( ozekisms .com)

It provide API in almost all long and SMPP connectivity to connect to SMSC and other partners.

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I think there is more than one software which can act as SMPP server. This commercial component may also be worth considering:


It is an .NET/COM component that implements SMPP functionality in an object manner (calls/events) pretty easy so it is quite easy to build a Windows Service application (skeleton sources can be downloaded on the page) which can act as SMPP server visible to your customers. It may then feed the database and/or any other input that your PHP software uses to submit messages to mobile operator that you cooperate with. It would allow to easily implement throttling (throughput/rate control) and billing can be equally simply added in the code of the events that are fired when component receives message to submit. Also delivering messages and Status Reports is simply calling methods of the component which can be pretty easy translated into either calls from your PHP software of database events. It of course supports everything that is considered connection maintenance - login (bind_transmitter, bind_receiver, bind_transceiver), logout (unbind), keep-alive (enquire_link), TLVs and other. It also supports submits to multiple destinations (submit_multi) which may be useful in some scenarios.

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