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I have a PLIST which when converted into XML has a fragment like this;


I 'm using perl XML::XPath to read this and can get the application-identifier easily using;

 my $app_id = $xp->findvalue('//key[text()="application-identifier"]/following-sibling::*[1]');

But I'm stuck reading the value for get-task-allow. For example, this does not seem to work;

my $gettask = $xp->findvalue('//key[text()="get-task-allow"]/following-sibling::*[1]');

Can anyone assist with the correct XPath search expression to use for reading the <false/> that is the value I wish to read for the get-task-allow key?

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You want a node

my ($gettask) = $xp->findnodes(

say $gettask->nodeName();
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Ah ha ... so the following at least shows me I'm in the right place;

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