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In java

I have simple web application. In ServletContextListener I create actor

ActorSystem system = ActorSystem.create("MySystem");
actor = system.actorOf(new Props(MyServerActor.class), "MyServer");
actor.tell(new StartMessage());

this actor has path akka://MySystem/user/MyServer. Then I try to send message to this actor from business method

ActorSystem system = ActorSystem.create("MySystem");
client = system.actorSelection("/user/MyServer"); // same effect when use actorFor

onReceive method:

public void onReceive(Object message) throws Exception {
    System.out.println(message + " :  " + message);

but my actor doesn’t receive message. It look like i send it to /dev/null.

Where is mistake?


I try to use fullpath too.

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Ok I'm so stupid...

I create two System so the cannot access one to another, cannot find actor so message were send to /dev/null

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you can try with remote actors:

String path = "akka://MySystem@some-ip:some-port/some/sub/path"
ActorRef xxx = actorSystem.actorFor(path);

Also, it would be better if you have subscribe the deadLetters() actor to record the unhandled messages.

final ActorRef actor = actorSystem.actorOf(new Props(DefaultDeadLetterHandlerActor.class));
actorSystem.eventStream().subscribe(actor, DeadLetter.class);

by maybe just simply log them.

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