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We have a tool from a vendor that comes with instructions for us geeks to build a DSN for it to work.

Unfortunately (1) it isn't a geek that would use it; (2) we don't want to keep having to "fix it" every time they get on a different computer; and (3) we don't want all the DSNs left on the previous computers, since they contain DB passwords in plain text.

I have often in the past used a connection string without a DSN to do this sort of thing. But THIS time, Excel complains that it can't find a DSN in the connection string.

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ConnectionStrings might help. It's difficult to say why your current effort isn't working when you don't show us your current effort at all. – Ken White Jul 3 '13 at 20:16
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The biggest difference between all the conection strings that didn't work is that they tried to use OLE. ODBC worked.

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Can you use an OleDB connection with either the Jet or Ace provider? See here:

Excel Connection Strings (OleDb)

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Turns out that OLE was the problem. It worked when I changed to ODBC. – WGroleau Mar 16 '14 at 17:22

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